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23 Nov 2022    
18:30 - 19:30


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Tunnels are a critical part of a nation’s transport infrastructure network, and it is important to protect the infrastructure and lives during a fire emergency. In a fire, longitudinal ventilation is a fundamental safety system to move smoke away from people and to create visibility for fire-fighting. In the design of such systems, it is critical to consider the various pressure losses that would occur in a fire. One such contributor of the pressure loss is fire throttling.

Fire throttling is the increased resistance to air flow in a tunnel when a fire is present. This effect was mentioned over 40 years ago, and various 1D models have been proposed although the methodology for the 1D models is fragmented and the focus is locally at the fire only.

This CPD session will brief history of fire throttling and itself. But also will discuss the findings by modelling, to describe the occurrence of fire throttling, estimate the impact of fire throttling, and how it influence at the fire and downstream.


Edmund Ang – PhD researcher at Hazelab Imperial College London and Technical Director, AECOM Australia.

Edmund is chartered engineer (fire safety and mechanical) based in Australia. Edmund is a late-stage PhD researcher at Hazelab, and is AECOM’s Technical Director, ANZ Buildings and Places Transit Sector Director. Edmund is responsible as a technical specialist and multidisciplinary manager on various infrastructure projects from underground stations, metro and road tunnels to large complex buildings. Edmund has a keen interest in tunnels, fire safety, sustainability, and computational methods, and these are some of the research topics that Edmund has worked on.

Edmund had the privilege of working on Australia’s first fully automated train (Sydney Metro Northwest), and through this work he was awarded Sydney’s 2019 Young Professional Engineer of the Year.



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