The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – Fire Division

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22 Sep 2022    
18:30 - 20:00


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Ductwork is an important part in buildings for fresh air intake and exhausted air or smoke going out of the building. However, when these ductworks pass through fire compartments, and if there is a fire, they could become a fire hazard to the occupants. Therefore, the use of fire protection material on this ductwork always arouses attention among the industry practitioners. It is always interested to know how the fire-resistant ductwork can perform its function such as to against the internal source of fire and sustain the external fire attack on the ductwork. Besides, how the fire-resistant ductwork maintaining its function when passing compartment wall or floor is also a matter of concern for the industry. Therefore, to understand the recognized fire testing method on fire resistant ductwork which is quite different from the partition and ceiling testing, to review the construction details of a resistant ductwork, and to comprehend the local regulation requirement on fire resistant ductwork would further help us understand how this system help us in fire protection design.


Mr. Raymond Man is the Area Manager of Promat International (Asia Pacific) Limited and has been serving the industry more than 20 years and specializes in developing passive fire protection products and systems for the construction industry in Hong Kong. Being an Area Manager for Promat International (Asia Pacific) Ltd, he has devoted his time in developing fire resistant material such as fire protection board, fire spray coating and fire stopping materials, complying local standard or international standard, which has been successfully adopted in most prestigious projects such as airport development, MTR, government or commercial development and MiC etc. in Hong Kong.



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