The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – Fire Division

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23 Feb 2021    
18:15 - 20:15


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Programme Highlights

The new Code of Practice (CoP) for the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations 2020 Edition has been published to the industry at the end of 2020. In order to keep abreast with the latest development in technology, electrical safety requirements and trade practice, EMSD invited Working Group Members from different sectors of the electrical industry in Hong Kong so as to review and update the CoP periodically. HKIE-Building Services Division and BSOMES were invited to nominate representatives to sit in the Working Group for reviewing the Code of Practice (CoP) for the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations 2000 Edition and contribute significant comments on the revision of CoP 2020 Editions. This Technical Talk will be jointly presented by the Electricity Legislation Division of EMSD and the Chairman of HKIE-Building Services Division highlighting major changes of the latest CoP as compared between 2015 and 2020 Editions, as well as practical approach to its implementation.

Honorable Speakers

1. Ir Johnson Sze is an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer of the Electricity Legislation Division of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (“EMSD”) and a Corporate Member of the HKIE. The Electricity Legislation Division of the EMSD is the regulatory authority responsible for the enforcement of Electricity Ordinance and its subsidiary legislations, as well as publication of relevant Code of Practices, Guidance Notes and Technical Guidelines, with the mission of enhancing electricity safety in the community.

2. Ir K F Yee is the Technical Head of a listed company in Hong Kong overseeing the mega size of Grade A Shopping Mall and commercial Office Buildings in Hong Kong. Ir Yee was nominated by either HKIE-BSD or BSOMES to sit in the Working Group as Taskforce Members for reviewing the Code of Practice (CoP) for the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations 2003, 2009, 2015 and 2020 Editions during the past 19 years. Ir Yee is the Chairman of the HKIE-Building Services Division (2020-2021) and is the Recognized Trainer of EMSD for the Registered Electrical Worker (REW) CPD Scheme. Ir Yee was the President of BSOMES (2008-2010) and was the Chairman of Energy Institute Hong Kong (2018-2020).


Free of charge.

CPD Hours and EMSD’s Registered Electrical Worker (REW) CPD Scheme

A two (2) Hours CPD Certificate issued by HKIE-Building Services Division and BSOMES. Candidates can apply for 2 Hours (Module 1 & 2) under EMSD’s Registered Electrical Worker (REW) CPD Scheme Language Cantonese with English terminology

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The Technical Seminar is free of charge and prior registration is required. For registration, please register

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The deadline of application is set at 15 Feb 2021 (Monday). Successful applicants will be informed via confirmation e-mail on or before 19 Feb 2021 (Friday). Transferring or sharing of the registration is prohibited.

If the applicants have not received the confirmation e-mail by 19 Feb 2021, their applications will be regarded as NOT successful.

To facilitate the time efficient, registration will be done when entering the Webinar so please click on the zoom meeting link and type in your membership number followed by your name (same as the registration name) when joining the online Webinar on event day.

For HKIE Members, please contact Ir Sally Leung at 9636 8299 or e-mail to [email protected] for any enquiry.

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